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Emergency Services

Catastrophes can occur in your building which is why we are able to provide emergency restoration services.

We specialize in restoring facilities back to their pre-loss condition after emergency or catastrophic situations.

Water/Flood Damage

Water damage regardless of the source is something that will not get better on its own. From the moment damage occurs, wood begins to swell, sheet rocks begins to absorb moisture, and carpet pads become huge sponges. Water damage must be removed quickly to allow the structure to dry thoroughly. The sooner we are able to dry your facility, the less likelihood your will incur mold and mildew.

Fire Damage

Experiencing fire and smoke damage is difficult for anyone. The process of going sifting through damage property can be painstaking and arduous. We are able to restore your facility using the latest equipment and methods to minimize your losses and recover as much of your property as possible.

Biohazard/Trauma Events

There will be moments when neutral cleaners and normal cleaning methods are not enough to properly disinfect biohazard accidents. Body fluids and other infectious waste pose a variety of threats to those that come into contact them. We abide OSHA protocols when dealing with biohazard cleaning. Our staff is properly trained and equipped to disinfect surfaces and follow biohazard waste guidelines.

Mold Growth

When excessive moisture accumulates in buildings, or on building materials, mold growth will often occur is the issue is not properly addressed. Express Facility Maintenance can access the problems and specify procedures to stabilize moisture, halt microbial growth, and removing the problem at its source.

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